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Knowledge in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 4 -6

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"Harpy Gee" short animatic

Directed, wrote, and storyboarded this short for

Nickelodeon in 2017.
The finished short is viewable HERE

"Banana Cat" 2017

Stroryboard and Animatic for my original character.

Song by Parry Gripp

Final animation by SmallBu

Storyboard warm up from a scene in

"Harpy Gee: Chapter Three" of the comic. 2016. 

The comic sequence begins HERE,

click forward to view all pages

Wrote and drew storyboards for this pilot animatic for

"Harpy Gee" A stand alone story that is not canon,

but still in the spirit of the comic. 2017

Storyboard Scene from Glitch Techs, Episode, "Going, Going, Gauntlet." 2017

DC Super Hero Girls, storyboarded transformation sequences 

to be reused throughout the show. 2018

Full storyboard animatic for the "Amethyst Princess of Gemworld" shorts, for WB Animation. 2011

Final Animation viewable HERE

Director/Producer: Brianne Drouhard


Seq 01: Brianne Drouhard

Seq 02: Chrissy Delk

Seq 03: Valerie Fletcher

Seq 04: Christie Tseng

Seq 05: Chrissy Delk

Seq 06: Jay Baker

Seq 07: Jen Bennet

Harpy Gee "Business Meeting" 2015

A fun little board I made during break time. 

Storyboard Sequence from "Pig Goat Banana Cricket" 2015